Okay, so I’m going to be somewhat cryptic on who I am, at least initially. Here’s what I CAN say, at least for now:

  • I live and work in the DC Metro area. Have been here for almost 12 years.
  • I’m a semi-practicing Roman Catholic, meaning I try to do my best as a member of the faith, but not really happy with the current state of the Church in the US.
  • I’ve been married for 7.5 years, been with the same woman for 9 years total. Wouldn’t change anything to be with her, though I need to be better about who I am.
  • I have two wonderful, strong daughters, 4 years of age between them, who I would do anything for. Well, almost anything, barring illegal activities or emotional outbursts.
  • I’m an Electrical Engineer by training, but I’ve done more systems engineering work in the past six years, and I’d like to get into the cyber security realm in the near future.
  • I’m your quintessential geek, being a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who (both Classic and NuWho), and DC Comics, just to name a few areas.
  • I attended college at a Big Ten (B1G) University. Definitely got into Div. 1-A sports (namely football and basketball) while there. There will be discussions, especially with a local school joining up this year (UMD – College Park).
  • I’m a lifelong fan of Pittsburgh teams (Steelers, Penguins, Pirates). Not a direct Yinzer by birth, but do have roots in that region.

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